Jackson Airport - Hangar #301
Contact us at 734-662-6806
  3606 Wildwood Avenue
Jackson, MI 49202

The Aviation Center has Moved!

The mechanics from the Aviation Center that was formerly located at the Ann Arbor Airport have moved!
Our new location is in Hangar #301 at the Jackson Airport.

Please contact us at 734-662-6806 for more information regarding your aircraft needs.

Aircraft Service:

Mechanics / Full Repair

We have A&P's and IA's on staff to meet all of your aircraft maintenance needs. We work primarily on piston aircraft, but don't hesitate to call with a special service request.

Our main repair services include:
  • Full aircraft repair (major, minor, and engine work)
  • Airframe maintenance
  • Engine maintenance
  • Avionics installations
  • Avionics / Instrument repair & overhaul
  • Accessory repair & overhaul
  • Aircraft modifications
  • Light paint work
  • Parts support

Coming soon!

Our shop rate is: $105\hr

Our normal shop hours are Monday-Friday 9-5pm, but if you have a special service request, please call us becuase we may be able to make special arrangments for you.

Aircraft Wash / Wax Services

Do you have a dirty plane?

We can help! Bring your plane to us for a wash and/or wax job.
Our prices are as follows:

Wash OR Wax

Wash AND Wax

Large twin-engine

Overnight Aircraft Parking

You are welcome to park your aircraft overnight at our facilities.

Your options include:
  • Aircraft tie-down: $4/night
  • Aircraft tie-down with electricity: $6/night
  • Hangar: Please ask

Engine Pre-heat

Cold Weather?

We can pre-heat your engine for you with a propane heater = $25.

Aircraft Jump-start

Does your aircraft need a jump-start?

No problem. 12v = $10 or 24v = $15

Aircraft Rentals at Ann Arbor Airport:

Vist the Rentals page for more information and forms.

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