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Frasca 142
Flight Simulator

Frasca 142 Flight SimulatorFrasca 142 Flight Simulator

Frasca 142 Flight Simulator

The Frasca 142 Flight Simulator is a versatile general aviation simulator. This is a safe and effective
method  for single and multi-engine training. The simulator's handling and flight performance are very
accurate and match the characteristics of a typical light single or multi-engine aircraft. There is a high
level of realism. Most of the cockpit equipment which includes engine and flight instruments,
provide realistic feedback and are modeled after actual aircraft.

Some of the features and training you can experience are:

Takeoffs and Landings



Slow Flight Charactistics

GPS Approaches

Situational Awareness

Visual Meteorological Conditions (VMC)

Instrument Meteorological conditions (IMC)

Emergency Situations

and much more!

*Per the U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Aviation Administration,
February 9,2005,  "...the Frasca Model FTD may be used to provide,

1) For the six instrument approaches, holding procedures, intercepting and tracking courses
through the use of navigation systems under 14 CFR section 61.57(c)(1);

2)  For a portion of an instrument proficiency check specified under 14 CFR section 
61.57(d)(1)(i), and per the "Rating Task Table" section found in the most recent
version of the Instrument Rating Practical Test (FAA-S-8081-4);

3) For a maximum of 20 hours of instrument instruction under 14 CFR part 61,
section 61.65(e)(2);

4) For one precision and one non-precision instrument approach under
section 61.65(a)(8)(ii); and,

5) For a maximum of 50 hours towards a commercial pilot certificate under
14 CFR section 61.129(a)(1)(i)..."

* This is not an official source of aircraft data. The pilot in command is responsible
for obtaining the official aircraft information for flight planning purposes.


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