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Mechanics / Full Repair

We have 5 A&P's and 4 IA's on staff to meet all of your aircraft maintenance needs. We work primarily on piston aircraft, but don't hesitate to call with a special service request.

Our main repair services include:

  • Full aircraft repair (major, minor, and engine work)
  • Airframe maintenance
  • Engine maintenance
  • Avionics installations
  • Avionics / Instrument repair & overhaul
  • Accessory repair & overhaul
  • Aircraft modifications
  • Light paint work
  • Parts support

Our shop rate is: $95 \ hr

Our normal shop hours are Monday-Friday 8-5pm, but if you have a special service request, please call us becuase we may be able to make special arrangments for you.

Aircraft Wash / Wax Services

Do you have a dirty plane? We can help! Bring your plane to us for a wash and/or wax job.

Our prices are as follows:

Wash OR Wax
Wash AND Wax
Large twin-engine

Fuel Services

We are an official distributor of AvFuel. We offer both pump, and truck services.

Prices are as follows:







NOTE: Our Jet A fuel includes the anti-moisture Prist additive

Our normal fuel hours are 7:30am to 1 hour past dusk.
If you require fuel services outside of our normal hours, call Mark Roisen at 734-668-2749. Extra service charges will apply.

Overnight Aircraft Parking

You are welcome to park your aircraft overnight at our facilities. Your options include:

Aircraft tie-down
Aircraft tie-down with electricity
Please ask

Engine Pre-heat

Cold Weather? We can pre-heat your engine for you with a propane heater.

Engine Pre-heat costs: $25

Aircraft Jump-start

Does your aircraft need a jump-start? No problem.


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