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Other Services

What We Do


Overnight Aircraft Parking

You are welcome to park your aircraft overnight at our facilities.

  • Aircraft tie-down
  • Aircraft tie-down with electricity
  • Hangar: Please ask

Engine Pre-heat

We can Preheat your Engine with our propane heater


Aircraft Jump-start

Does your aircraft need a jump-start? No problem. We have12v or 24v


Aircraft Rentals at Ann Arbor Airport:

ACE Aviation Center does not currently have any aircraft to rent, however, there are two great flying clubs at the Ann Arbor Airport.
Michigan Flyers is an excellent club to learn to fly, take flying lessons, and for those looking to add additional ratings.
Ann Arbor Flyers is an excellent club for people that already have a private pilot rating or higher and want great access to airplanes for pleasure, travel, or business use that allows extended use of some great airplanes without a daily minimum charge.

Aircraft Service

Mechanics / Full Repair

We have A&P's and IA's on staff to meet all of your aircraft maintenance needs. We work primarily on piston aircraft, but don't hesitate to call with a special service request.

Our main repair services include:

  • Full aircraft repair
  • Avionics / Instrument repair & overhaul
  • Accessory repair & overhaul
  • Parts support

24/7 Support

Low Cost

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  • Airframe maintenance
  • Engine maintenance
  • Avionics installations
  • Aircraft modifications
  • Light paint work
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Aircraft Wash / Wax Services

Do you have a dirty plane?

We can help! Bring your plane to us for a wash and/or wax job. Our prices are as follows:

Types of engine



Large twin-engine

Wash or Wax

  • $95
  • $125
  • $175

Wash and Wax

  • $170
  • $225
  • $290

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Frequently Asked questions

Please reach out to us if you have any further questions: 734-662-6806

Please call us at 734-662-6806 or stop by our Ann Arbor location.

Jackson airport is by appointment only, please call us at 734-662-6806 to make an appointment.